Design Concept
  • 明晰洞澈事物的本質。
  • 建構人與環境互動的空間過程中,步步琢磨堅實,拾得真摯而簡單的美好。




「清筑設計」 以熱情及創意 達成夢想的任意門!

CC Interior Design, founded in winter 2008, is located in the warm city Taichung. We aim to offer professional, high-quality service of space design and keep renewing our ideas for designed works.

We fulfill the dreams of design by incorporating our limitless creativity, passion for design and courage of taking challenges. We specialize in project-based design for restaurants, houses, shops and business buildings with comprehensive planning, construction and evaluation.

Our clients’ requirements always come first ─ we positively help clients to fulfill their dreams as our goal by understanding their true needs for design, focusing on the workability of design, evaluating the possibility of innovative design and creating unique and valuable works with different materials and methods.

With our passion and creativity, CC Interior Design is the best choice that makes your dreams come true.